Country Wedding Gowns

In the last few years, country wedding dresses have really gained in popularity. You can find them worn by brides everywhere from the southern part of the United States to Canada. The traditional wedding gown is slowly giving way to this slightly modern dress style. Gone are the days when the bridal gown adorned the woman's hourglass shape or had to be tailored specifically for each shape. The good thing about a country wedding gown is that it is versatile, elegant, and flattering to every figure type.

country wedding dresses


For those who don't know, the current corsets are so streamlined and are so difficult to see through. The key plus to a corset gown is that it will accentuate all the positive qualities of your physique and make your waist appear smaller. In fact, a rustic wedding dress is, at least in part, associated with minimalist decor and light materials. If you are really daring, go for something bold like a flowing, beaded train or a lace bodice. If you are not into fussy accessories, just find something plain and simple, like a plain white organza.


A-Line: This is the perfect shape for those who don't like to be fully bare on their wedding day. It has an hourglass silhouette and cascades down to the hem. Many bridal gowns fall into this category, such as the Sweetheart Gown or the Gown With Sleeve. Choose an A-Line gown with an empire waist for a flatter, sexier look. For an edgier style, look for a vintage A-Line that flares out at the knees.


Soft Lace: Just like a soft lace blouse, the sweetheart neckline is also a great option for the bride who does not want to expose everything. This type of country bridal look works well if you have a really feminine hairstyle. Try A-Line dresses with a high v-neckline or a sweetheart neckline. For a more modern look, opt for a lace-edged gown that is embellished with ruffles or beads. A vintage lace A-Line gown can give you that romantic country bridal look that you've always wanted.


Fall Wedding Dress: If you and your groom are planning a fall wedding, then the sweetheart or country style dress is sure to work. Look for a wedding gown with an empire waistline. To keep it simple, try incorporating ruffles or other country style accents. A vintage lace A-Line gown is a great option. The sweetheart neckline is a great alternative if you are worried about showing too much skin.


V-neck: One of the most trendy trends in weddings these days is to wear a V-neckline. With a neckline this long, the bride can really make a statement with a glamorous look. A sweetheart or country bridal look can be dressed up even more by choosing accessories with a country or vintage flair. For a chic and sophisticated look, opt for embroidered jewelry, engraved handbags, and other items that coordinate with your gown.


High V-neck: A sweetheart or country wedding dresses often times requires a high V-neckline. To achieve this look, you need to find a dress with a very low, straight V line. This will make your neck look beautiful and will also help to give you the image via V that you are trying to achieve.


Pulled Off V-neck: If your sweetheart or the person who is hosting your wedding wants a more casual vibe, consider how to pull off a pulled off V-neck. Most people do not opt for the sweetheart neckline when it comes to an outdoor wedding, but many couples do opt for this look. You can pull off a pulled off V-neck by wearing your gown with a wider belt on your waist. You can also wear a wide belt over your stomach, which will bring your waist line to the front of your gown. This will create a more defined V-neck.