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chinese wedding dress

In the past, there were few options for a bride to choose her Chinese wedding dress from. There are only two types of traditional Chinese dresses: The Kung Shi, or Red Robe, and the Long robe, also known as the Xian Li. At most Chinese wedding receptions, there is only one other dress type: The white gown or Tuxedo. Today, with more western-raised brides are choosing to marry in America, Australia, or Western Europe, the demand for traditional Chinese clothing has begun to grow rapidly. This is not surprising, considering that western bridal gowns are now being considered by brides to be modern and contemporary alternatives to the traditional Chinese wedding dresses worn by many of the women marrying in eastern countries.

The term Gua (pronounced: "gua") is used to describe the Chinese province of Yunnan, also known as Fujian. This province is one of four provinces that form part of modern-day Yunnan. Two other main provinces of China are referred to as Gansu and Guilin. The traditional Chinese wedding dress of Gua is blue in color and is long and dresses made from silk are considered elegant and beautiful by many women.

The most familiar Chinese dress for weddings is the cheongsam or literally meaning "ball dress". Cheongsam is usually long, single piece dresses made of silk and they are tied at the waist with a wide belt. Because of the name, these dresses are almost always long sleeved and are often worn on black tie occasions. These are the only type of Chinese dress that is entirely or almost entirely white and is a staple of many women's wardrobes. The other styles are the shawls, which may be of different lengths and come in many colors. The halter style dress which is a longer dress worn by European women is not actually from China but is called a Chinese Halter.

The groom wears an outfit called the groom's outfit which is the normal attire worn on Weddings. In fact, this outfit has been around for centuries. The groom wears a white outfit consisting of a shirt, a necktie, a pair of trousers, and a tie or perhaps a bow tie. A plaid print or a checked suit can be used as part of the groom's outfit. It is important that the bridegroom is the same sex as the bride.

The Chinese wedding dress is popular among people who are ethnic Chinese. They choose to wear bright red dresses because this color represents love and marriage. Red is considered to be a lucky color in China. Another very popular color is blue, which is known to symbolize good fortune. Pink is another popular color. Both these colors represent new beginnings in marriage.

There is no doubt that the Chinese people are passionate about their culture and their heritage. A lot of people from other countries have also incorporated the traditional Chinese culture into their weddings. If you are planning to marry someone from China or India, be sure that you will be comfortable wearing traditional Chinese cheongsams and hansets. Look for this trend alert Chinese wedding dresses and be sure that your upcoming marriage will be the most memorable one ever.

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1.Made in Tulle and Satin,Ball Gown Style,Sewn with Sequin and Beaded 2.Sweetheart neck and Lace up Back 3.Size :US2-US26W,Custom Size Available, Please contact with me if you need custom made your dress 4.Color:Coral,Purple,Orange,Lavendar,White,Pink,Yellow,Light Blue,Champagne color in stock 5.Our size chart may be different from your local size. Please check the left picture for size details or send us your size custom made measurement